Fall Feast: Lecala Iyapi

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lecala Iyapi Women of Nations Announces Fall Feast Women of Nations PO Box 7125 St. Paul, MN 55107 www.women-of-nations.org Contact: Kelly Marie Prosen, Director of Development & Community Outreach kprosen@women-of-nations.org (651) 251-1621 St. Paul, MN July 10th,… Continue Reading Fall Feast: Lecala Iyapi

Stalking Apps

Domestic violence impacts Native American women in complex and subtle ways. Among those ways are increased rates of stalking against Native American Women. According to the Department of Justice, Native American women experience stalking at higher rates than women of… Continue Reading Stalking Apps

We Are All Related

One of the more challenging parts of working in a domestic violence is the regularity with which you hear the same kinds of stories. While our clients all come from different backgrounds and have different life stories, the details of… Continue Reading We Are All Related