The idea of leaving your home and moving into a shelter can be frightening. We understand that. It takes courage to leave, but knowing what’s ahead can help.

Expect to be safe.

Your personal safety is our first priority. When the Eagles’ Nest Shelter was designed, it was done so with your security in mind. We have a state-of-the-art security system and our advocates are made aware of any special concern and are on site 24/7.

Expect modern comfortable facilities.

In addition to a comfortable bed, linens, and items you need for your personal care, the Eagles’ Nest offers you everything you will need during your stay. Laundry facilities are located on the same floor and are available throughout the day. Common areas are available to share in the company of others. There’s a secure playground on site for children who may arrive with you.

Expect help with personal belongings you may have left behind.

We can arrange for a police officer to accompany you to pick up essential personal belongings from your residence.  If you are not able to return to your residence, your case manager will work with you to replace clothing, medications, birth certificates, and any other vital items left behind.

Expect to be involved and live within our guidelines.

You will be expected to set goals for yourself and work toward those goals.  All residents are required to attend educational groups and be present at house meetings. You will be expected to refrain from using drugs or alcohol during your stay, to abide by all house rules, and to meet with your case manager regularly. If you have children you will be expected to attend parenting classes. Mistreatment of a child is not tolerated including verbal abuse and physical discipline such as spanking.

Expect to set your length of stay with your case manager.

The average stay ranges from 30 – 90 days; however you may choose to leave at any time. During your stay, your case manager will work with you to ensure you are making progress toward your goals. As you approach 30 days in shelter and find that you need more time to get back on your feet, you may apply for an extension of your stay.

Expect help with your next steps.

A broad range of supportive and practical services are available to help you start over. We offer individual and group counseling, legal assistance, and referrals for job training, employment and housing. Our case managers can help you with a protective order or accompany you to court.